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     Allen C. Hilgendorf was born and raised in rural Ontario on a mixed farm, an ideal setting for a young boy. Memories of chore time, boiling maple syrup and taking off the harvest are still fresh in his mind. Here he developed a deep appreciation for the natural world around him which became evident in numerous childhood drawings. Occasionally, a non-domestic animal would mysteriously show up at the house in the form of a pigeon, crow, cottontail, raccoon or even a wounded screech owl. Animals were often the images the young artist chose to draw.

     In later years, the urge to travel allowed Allen to see many parts of Canada first hand, and eventually led him to the west in the 1970's, where he worked as a ranch hand. It was here, in the splendour of the Alberta foothills, that he became personally acquainted with the Creator, which made the beauty around him all the more awesome.
With his wide range of interests and a wealth of experience, Allen began to exercise a natural ability in sketching and painting. Some of his work showed promise and started to sell.

     In 1991, Allen was forced to retrain, due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident. He readily chose to attend the School of Design & Visual Arts at the Owen Sound campus of Georgian College where he honed his artistic skills, making the Dean's List in all four semesters. He also became the recipient of several awards.

     Since then, Allen has excelled as a landscape painter, specializing in giant interior and exterior murals which now adorn the walls of many towns and communities.

Thank you for allowing me to share these joys with you through my paintings and murals.

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